Dr. Rifaat Salem has an extensive background in research and education, which only adds to his 35 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Salem graduated from the University of Southern California Medical School and then went on to obtain his doctorate in Neuroendocrinology from the University of California at Los Angeles. He also has two master’s degrees; one in biochemistry and another in physiology. Dr. Salem went on to complete his clinical experience at the University of British Columbia in Stanford, The Microsurgical Institute of San Francisco, and Pacific Fertility Center of San Francisco.

Rifaat Salem held two National Institute of Health Fellowships in Neuroendocrinology and published scientific research articles in the top national and international fertility journals. He is also currently a member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Salem has many areas of specialty in the fertility and reproductive field. Some of these specialty skills include:

  • IUI (intrauterine inseminations)
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization)
  • Male Factor Fertility Issues
  • Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH)
  • Embryo Cryopreservation (Embryo Freezing)

While his established career is backed up by a strong education, some of Dr. Salem’s biggest successes are due to his background in medical research. After his time in his, Dr. Salem performed groundbreaking research in the fertility field which helped to establish the mechanism of specific steroid hormones. His research has played a crucial role in better understanding infertility as well as how it can be treated.