Measures to Take to Increase Pregnancy

Infertility affects men and women alike. The causes of infertility can be related to a malefactor a female factor, or both. If you are struggling as a couple with infertility problems, know that help is available. There are some measures you can take to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
Stop Birth Control
This may seem like […]

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Ovarian Tissue Freezing Vs. Egg Freezing – What is the Better Option?

Egg freezing or ovarian tissue freezing may be considered for varying reasons. Certainly, those women who would like to have an additional child but may be fast approaching an early menopause, or those who require treatment for cancer or, who may have a genetic disorder would certainly find these options useful. When considering ovarian tissue […]

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Licorice May Reduce Fertility by Reducing Sex Hormone Production

Licorice was used centuries ago to help heal stomach upsets and upper respiratory problems, but perhaps these days, it is most commonly associated with helping to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Harvested from the roots and underground stems, it is a perennial plant typically found in parts of Asia and Europe, it is the single most used […]

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How Does a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Work?

Nowadays, there are many options available for those couples who have experienced fertility issues and who are desperate to conceive. Whether the couple wishes to increase their existing family unit, to have a second attempt following a failed IVF cycle or, to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), all options must be considered. Depending on their […]

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